Manual & Questionnaire

OctoberImportant updates of the BAT manual/questionnaire

  • scientific manual – version 1.0. – original manual – 20 March 2019
  • scientific manual – version 1.1. – adjusted general version of the BAT – 22 March 2019
    • The scale of ‘cognitive impairment’ wrongly contained items referring to work
  • questionnaire – translations – additional translations of the BAT added – 25 March 2019
    • The BAT was translated into French (both for Belgium and France) & English. Additional versions are still being validated. 
  • scientific manual – version 1.2. – adjusted information on p. 80/81/82 – 1 April 2019
    • Some details about percentiles were clarified
  • questionnaire – translations – additional translation of the BAT manual added – 3 April 2019
    • The manual of the BAT was translated to English – Caution! The manual for Flanders & the Netherlands was translated to English – it does not contain any new data or analyses.
  • scientific manual version 1.3. – typing errors adjusted – 19 September 2019
    • Several typing errors that were reported since the launch of the project were corrected
  • user manual – version 1.0. – practical, short user manual of the BAT – 19 September 2019
    • Due to a large request, a practical and short user manual was created that explains the practical usage of the BAT
  • scientific manual version 1.4. – corrected explanation of the ROC figure – 14 October 2019


User manual




French (Belgium)


French (France)




Frequently asked questions

about the BAT

Can I use the BAT for free?

Yes, you can download it on this page

The manual is so long. Do you have a shorter version?

We are currently working on this. Probably available in English by the end of September

Is the BAT digitalized?

No, the BAT is a paper-and-pencil questionnaire. A digital version was not developed by the research team. 

Does the BAT exist in multiple languages?

The BAT was originally developed in Dutch, but is also available in English and French. Other languages are being developed in collaboration with our international consortium.