Burnout assessment Tool


On this website you can find all practical information about the Burnout Assessment Tool, or BAT for short.

The BAT is the result of a three-year research project at KU Leuven. It is a scientifically validated questionnaire capable of determining the risk of burnout at a glance.

Manual | Questionnaire

On this page you can find the manual, and the different languages of the BAT.


On this page you can find international scientific publications that use the BAT.

Symposia | Seminars

On this page you can find everything from lectures, symposia & research seminars.

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Please note! Only academic or substantive questions will be answered. Answers to practical questions such as “how do I use the BAT?”, “where do I find the BAT?” or “how do I interpret the scores?” can be found under MANUAL | QUESTIONNAIRE.

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